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What is Local Number Portability?

Local Number Portability allows most consumers to switch phone service providers without having to change their phone number.  The consumer makes a request to "port" their number to a different local telephone carrier such as Axxis and then you can continue to use that phone number even thgouh you have changed providers.

How do I transfer my current phone number to Axxis?

When you place your telephone service order, select "Yes" under "Keep Your Existing Number"

Then download the Axxis LNP Authorization Form fill it out and fax it to (541) 386-9223 with a copy of your most recent phone bill.

Your service order confirmation email will show "With: LNP".  It may take several weeks to know whether or not your phone number can be transferred.

  • Please do not contact your phone company to disconnect your service. Axxis will contact your service provider for you.
  • Until the LNP process is complete, you will have a temporary phone number in the rate center of your choice.

I have DSL on my main telephone line - can I port my number that my DSL is on?

Probably not,  if the phone number your DSL is tied to is the only number on that line - then porting the number will cause you to loose your DSL connection.

There are a few options however:

1) it is possible that Gorge Net wireless is available in your area.  In that case you can signup for VOIP over your wireless connection and port your voice number once your wireless and VOIP service is up and running.  Wireless broadband is available throughout the Gorge - call for availability.

2) Axxis can provode your landline voice service in many areas.  In this case Axxis would use the wires that run to your location and provide traditional voice and DSL on that wire.  We can add VOIP service and port your existing number in this scenario.

3) there are other potential solutions - please call for a consultation.

What Happens While Your Number Is Being Ported

During the number porting process, we provide you a temporary number so that you can begin to use our service and all its free features immediately. This way you will not need to depend on your former phone company while the transfer takes place. Then, when your number is transferred, we'll inform you via email and your number will be transferred seamlessly. Your temporary Axxis number then will become inactive if you so choose.

If I move within the Gorge - Can I switch my VOIP number to my new location?

Yes. Differing than traditional telecom service providers our services are as mobile as you are. As with all our accounts you can choose or keep your phone numbers from another city regardless of where you are located. That is one of the great benefits of VOIP.

How can I find out if I'm eligible to switch my number?

Call our sales team so that we can discuss your current phone and data situation.  At that time we will be able to go over the options available to you. 

Will I experience a lapse in service?

You should not experience a lapse in service. However, you may receive calls on both phones for a short time after the switch has been completed.

I want to transfer my number, but I disconnected it 30 days ago.

We cannot port a number if the requestor does not own the number.

If I transfer my number, will I have to cancel my account with the other provider myself later or will you do that?

Your carrier will automatically disconnect your account the day or the day before the number ports.

Reasons for LNP Request to be Rejected during the Porting Process.

  • 800 number are being directed to the TELEPHONE NUMBER being Ported.
  • Customer has requested a freeze on their account that does not allow the account to be ported.
  • Distinctive Ring on line.
  • DSL on line.
  • End User is already porting the numbers.
  • Name and address are different than what appeared on the LNP request.
  • Telephone number is already disconnected.
  • The billing names do not match.
  • The service address is different from the address on the LNP Request.
  • Telephone number not found.
  • This telephone number is wireless and can not be ported. 
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